Ask George

((he he))

((he he))

((Ok I’m kinda being slow with replies))


Your move, babe.

((Sorry for the delay,))

((I was out for a few days to celebrate the holidays and all, but since I have returned, I will resume answering questions tomorrow. Or the next day

maybe o3o

Oh and also I rebooted my computer so some of the screencapped asks that I was going to answer got totally deleted so it’s going to take a while to recover. :y))


((I’ll be out of town from the 24th to the 27th, so in the meantime, happy holidays o3o also my computer got an extreme virus so idk when I’ll be answering questions again.))

((ah yes that’s good))

((ah yes that’s good))

((wow there’s like 50 asks in my inbox so i’m closing it for now hee haw))

Please answer questions

I’m trying

((yay christmas break))

((let’s answer questions))