Ask George

Jul 09

Anonymous said: ((u ok?))

((i ok))

Jul 01

Anonymous said: ((How do you post a photoset without the pictures getting cut off? ))

((hi!! All the pictures in the photo set have to be the same width and height. uwu here’s a nifty guide to photosets:

I’m replying to this on my iPad so it’s a little funky /~\))

Jun 30

pestofresco replied to your photoset


ask-johnlemon said: Hey Georgie! *casually steals sandwich and runs off* OHOHOHOHO




Jun 11



Anonymous said: Oh how I've missed you Joj :3 Are you back to us now?

I guess I am… As long as I have all of my busy business off of my back, I’m here to stay for the while.

May 16

cherryblossomfan said: George, how do you feel about Dhani getting married to his girlfriend?

Whatever he pleases to do, I’m alright with.

Apr 09


Mar 11

hasarubbersoul said: George, who's your best friend in The Beatles?

Easy; all of them. I love each and everyone of my mates.

Feb 25